Powder power

Muscle growth is desirable for many different reasons, from aesthetic reasons to fitness desires, lean muscle is considered a healthy attribute. Due to time, energy, and effort constraints, as well as genetics, muscle growth is difficult to achieve. Supplementary drugs can be used to assist with fitness goals.    Supplements are used to assist where… Continue reading Powder power


The T Factor

‘Hitting the gym’, so to speak, can have many positive influences, both mentally and physically, on a man’s health. Cardiovascular exercise can reduce the storage fat deposits, reduce stress and can also assist with flushing out harmful toxins. Strength training to grow muscle has been linked with an increase in levels of testosterone in healthy… Continue reading The T Factor

You are what you eat

Exercise is a fundamental cornerstone in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure efficient sperm production. As the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen”, diet is a crucial element in sperm production. Many different vitamins and minerals interact in order to facilitate spermatogenesis, some chemical components may actually hinder sperm production and therefore affect… Continue reading You are what you eat